Aromatherapy Book Reviews: What’s on Your Aromatherapy Bookshelf?

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aromatherapy books, istockphoto, with permission

aromatherapy books, istockphoto, with permission

Last week  I received an Amazon gift card and, being an avid book addict, I immediately invested in some more books on aromatherapy and botany :)

However, I started thinking about the number of aromatherapy books that I have not only read but actually have in my own “aromatherapy library.”  Most of them are well worn, some with scribbled notes on them (yes, I hold my hand up to “defacing” books! :( ) but I have read most of them not just once but use them as a continual source of reference.

I often get asked, “What book would you recommend for…?” or “Do you know any aromatherapy books on…?”  I have written some brief  Aromatherapy Notes postings on aromatherapy books but not a detailed series on aromatherapy books.

So, over the coming weeks, in my next series of aromatherapy posts (professional aromatherapy interviews will continue to be interspersed between the aromatherapy book postings as and when I interview some more aromatherapists!), I will be reviewing the aromatherapy books that I have on my aromatherapy bookshelf – and sharing with you my own opinions on how useful the book is and what I would recommend it for.

I hope that it will give you some ideas on which aromatherapy book/s you should be investing in for your own aromatherapy library, what level the book is aimed at, how detailed it is and where you can purchase it.  Here’s a list of some of the aromatherapy books that I intend to review (this list is not exhaustive):

In the meantime, you might also like to check out my website called Aromatherapy Library; it is a collection of aromatherapy articles that I have written in the past couple of years and will continue to grow as and when my time allows – so check back often for updates! :)

Full List of Aromatherapy Book Reviews:

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Aromatherapy Book Review: Aromatherapy Workbook by Shirley Price

Aromatherapy Book Review: Essential Chemistry for Aromatherapy by Sue Clarke

Aromatherapy Book Review: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless

Aromatherapy Book Review: Aromatherapy A Complete Guide to the Healing Art

Aromatherapy Book Review: Aromatherapy for Health Professionals by Shirley and Len Price

Aromatherapy Book Review: Aromatherapy Massage for You by Jennie Harding

Aromatherapy Book Review: A Scented Palace by Elisabeth De Feydeau

Aromatherapy Book Review: Aromatherapy for Babies and Children by Penny Price and Shirley Price

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