Interviews with Professional Aromatherapists

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An aromatherapy career, istockphoto, with permission

An aromatherapy career, istockphoto, with permission

Over the coming weeks, I hope to be able to post some interviews that I have done/am planning on doing with some professional aromatherapists who have made a successful career out of aromatherapy.  If you know something about aromatherapy, you may recognize some of the names; others maybe less familiar.  However, I hope to be able to bring you some unique aromatherapy “musings”, in addition to how different professional aromatherapist built their career.

Aromatherapy is not a “conventional” career path and most aromatherapists usually have a unique story as to why they got involved in the business.  Life experiences often play a big part in how aromatherapy entered our lives.  My own aromatherapy career path began after a personal loss in my own life.  I used  essential oils as a means to help me to cope with the situation, which then lead to a natural desire to learn more and be able to pass that information onto others.

My own professional aromatherapy career path has taken many twists, turns, stops and re-direction in the five years since I took my initial aromatherapy training in the UK.  Its all about finding the “right” direction for you :)

So, watch this space for upcoming aromatherapy interviews; in the following weeks, I will come back to this post and compile a list of all interviews, so that they are easy to find for future reference :)

List of interviews:

Interview with Penny Price of Penny Price Aromatherapy

Interview with Andrea Butje of Aromahead Institute

Interview with Liz Fulcher, the Fragrant Muse!

Interview with Ann Harman of Morning Myst Botanics

Interview with a Canadian Aromatherapist: Heather Scent Aromatherapy

Busy Moms and Aromatherapy: Interview With Sweet and Woodsy Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy in Australia: Interview With an Australian Aromatherapist

Interview With an Australian Aromatic Practitioner: Maria Mitchell, Author of “The Aromatic Practitioner’s Reference”

Interview With an Australian Aromatherapist:  Julie Nelson of Aromatique Essentials

Interview With a British Aromatherapist in Italy: Steph Janes of The Natural Therapy Company

Interview With a Mobile Australian Aromatherapist: Deanne Kalda of Tranquility Zone Mobile Massage & Day Spa

Interview With the President of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy: Kelly Holland Azzaro

Interview With an Aromatherapist: Aromatherapy and Reflexology Combined!

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