Insects, Bugs and Ant Bite Treatment With Aromatherapy

Posted on: July 12th, 2010 by
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A month or so ago, I posted about my deck problem with ants and the use of peppermint oil to deter them.  As ”bug season” seems to be in full swing here in Arizona, I had another experience yesterday with the insect variety, this time with fire ants.  Fire ants, although small, bite big.  I couldn’t believe the size of the bite that came up from such a small insect!  However, as soon as it happened, even before the bite began to show, I slapped on some tea tree and geranium essential oil, in a white lotion base, and the swelling/bite was reduced and relieved in a matter of minutes.  I continued to apply the lotion throughout the day and although the bites are still there (yes, they got me more than once before I realized what was happening!), the use of aromatherapy in this instance certainly helped!

I have used a combination of tea tree and geranium essential oil in a white lotion base previously, specifically to treat:

  •  mosquito bites/repellant
  • other bug bites
  • heat rash.

I’ve also used it on my niece (who was about three years old at the time) with success – unfortunately, she is also prone to being a prime attraction where insects and bugs are concerned!  Just remember to reduce the quantity of essential oils used for a young child and do a patch test first, if possible.

And good luck with the insects this summer! :)

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