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Sedona Aromatherapie is a home study aromatherapy school located in Sedona, Arizona. Exclusive one-one-one mentoring is available from UK-certified aromatherapist Sharon Falsetto wherever you live in the world. Sharon is an experienced aromatherapy educator, consultant, and published author and editor, with a combined total of twenty years experience in the healthcare and aromatherapy fields in the UK and the United States.
Sedona Aromatherapie Consultancy Services

Sedona Aromatherapie has years of practice and experience in the aromatherapy industry. If you are just setting up your own aromatherapy business, or work in the corporate field and need advice on a specific blend or creation, I can help you! Just click on the consultations tab at the top of the page to learn more!
Sedona Aromatherapie Professional Writing and Editing Services 

As a published author, and current chief editor of the NAHA Journal, I can write, edit or research any piece of aromatherapy work you need for your website, business report, book, or project. Just click on the writer for hire tab at the top of the page to learn more!

Sedona Aromatherapie Custom Blending Services

Specializing in corporate or bulk custom orders of essential oil blends for client gifts or custom products, I can help you create the right blend for the right occasion, drawing on my years of practice, experience, and contacts within the aromatherapy field. Just click on the consultations tab at the top of the page to get started!
The Sedona Aromatherapie Home Study Linguistics of Aromatics(TM) Program

Sharon Falsetto is an approved provider for NAHA.

Sedona Aromatherapie offers a home study aromatherapy course program, The Linguistics of Aromatics (TM) program. This extensive aromatherapy course program was exclusively designed and written by Sharon Falsetto from her many years of experience of practice in aromatherapy. Whether you are a beginner to aromatherapy, or a more experienced aromatherapist, the program is designed to help you. The nationally accredited Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy course is an inclusive level one and level two online aromatherapy program offering 250 hours of study in the use of essential oils, aromatherapy, and product making. The Sedona Aromatherapie Certificate in Foundation Aromatherapy is also a nationally accredited aromatherapy course, offering an introduction to aromatherapy with 50 hours of coursework at level one. Sharon is currently writing level three of the aromatherapy course program. Visit the Linguistics of Aromatics (TM) course program page to learn more!
Sedona Aromatherapie provides quality service and quality products; my business is a partnership of training at the highest level in English aromatherapy and an understanding of the American market.
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For a full resume of Sharon's expertise, and membership affiliations, please visit the About page!
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By Sharon Falsetto
UK-certified aromatherapist
Author of Authentic Aromatherapy
Approved Provider for NAHA

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Please note that I am an online aromatherapy business that provides custom made products, services, and aromatherapy courses.  My primary source of contact is via e-mail to allow me to provide the best, and most efficient, customer service.  However, if you are local, you are welcome to schedule a meeting in advance (Tuesday - Friday) to discuss any of my products & services! Please use the contacts form to schedule an appointment.